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Natural fibers

Scutched flax - A. & A. DEMEULENAERE & Co

Scutched flax

We are trading European scutched flax (French and Belgian origin). Scutched flax is used for spinning.

Scutched flax tow - A. & A. DEMEULENAERE & Co

Scutched flax tow

We are one of the leading producers and exporters of scutched flax tow in Europe. Scutched flax tow is used for non-woven, geotextiles, the paperindustry, textiles (cottonising and spinning) and flaxfelt for the car-industry.

Flax bedding - A. & A. DEMEULENAERE & Co

Flax bedding

After cleaning the tow, the shives are reprocessed for our production of bedding. Flax bedding is used for cattle, pigs, poultry and horses.

For more info, please visit www.lemen.be.

cotton - Demeulenaere


We are trading cotton fibers and wastes.

Cotton fiber can be used for spinning, paperindustry and pharmaceutical products.

Cotton waste can be used for spinning and in the paperindustry.

Wool - Demeulenaere


We have our own wool washing plant in Turkmenistan. The plant was built in 2004 and is equipped with the latest European machinery. The yearly production is 2.000 T. We can offer sarja white and sarja payarak (foam)

karakul : we sort the karakul in colours. We have grey, black, brown and mixed colours. The wool is used for carpet yarn spinning, felting, needle punch and insulation.